[SOLVED] Cannot connect to the ZCS upstream server zimbra

Mengalami problem akses webmail server pada zimbra pernah terjadi pada saya, dimana halaman tiba-tiba tidak bisa diakses, dan muncul error message.

Error message webmail zimbra.


Problem accessing ZCS upstream server. Cannot connect to the ZCS upstream server. Connection is refused.
Possible reasons:
  • upstream server is unreachable
  • upstream server is currently being upgraded
  • upstream server is down
Please contact your ZCS administrator to fix the problem.
Powered by Nginx-Zimbra://

Dibeberapa forum tidak menjelaskan mengapa hal tersebut terjadi, dan caranya cukup melakukn restart semua service, yaitu:


su zimbra
zmcontrol stop
zmcontrol start

 zimbra@zim-serv:~/nginx/logs$ zmcontrol stop  
 Host zim-serv.alisancatur.com  
      Stopping vmware-ha...skipped.  
           /opt/zimbra/bin/zmhactl missing or not executable.  
      Stopping zmconfigd...Done.  
      Stopping zimlet webapp...Done.  
      Stopping zimbraAdmin webapp...Done.  
      Stopping zimbra webapp...Done.  
      Stopping service webapp...Done.  
      Stopping stats...Done.  
      Stopping mta...Done.  
      Stopping spell...Done.  
      Stopping snmp...Done.  
      Stopping cbpolicyd...Done.  
      Stopping archiving...Done.  
      Stopping opendkim...Done.  
      Stopping amavis...Done.  
      Stopping antivirus...Done.  
      Stopping antispam...Done.  
      Stopping proxy...Done.  
      Stopping memcached...Done.  
      Stopping mailbox...Done.  
      Stopping logger...Done.  
      Stopping dnscache...Done.  
      Stopping ldap...Done.  
 zimbra@zim-serv:~/nginx/logs$ zmcontrol start  
 Host zim-serv.alisancatur.com  
      Starting ldap...Done.  
      Starting zmconfigd...Done.  
      Starting logger...Done.  
      Starting mailbox...Done.  
      Starting memcached...Done.  
      Starting proxy...Done.  
      Starting amavis...Done.  
      Starting antispam...Done.  
      Starting antivirus...Done.  
      Starting opendkim...Done.  
      Starting snmp...Done.  
      Starting spell...Done.  
      Starting mta...Done.  
      Starting stats...Done.  
      Starting service webapp...Done.  
      Starting zimbra webapp...Done.  
      Starting zimbraAdmin webapp...Done.  
      Starting zimlet webapp...Done.  
 zimbra@zim-serv:~/nginx/logs$ zmcontrol status  
 Host zim-serv.alisancatur.com  
      amavis         Running  
      antispam        Running  
      antivirus        Running  
      ldap          Running  
      logger         Running  
      mailbox         Running  
      memcached        Running  
      mta           Running  
      opendkim        Running  
      proxy          Running  
      service webapp     Running  
      snmp          Running  
      spell          Running  
      stats          Running  
      zimbra webapp      Running  
      zimbraAdmin webapp   Running  
      zimlet webapp      Running  
      zmconfigd        Running  

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6 Responses to " [SOLVED] Cannot connect to the ZCS upstream server zimbra"

  1. punya saya selalu 502 gan, jadi tiap hari harus restart, ada solusi lain kah ?

  2. another solution
    this working for me

    try this:

    1. stop zimbra ----> zmcontrol stop
    2. delete redolog directory ---> /opt/zimbra/redolog
    3. create a new redolog directory ----> mkdir /opt/zimbra/redolog
    4. change owner ---> chown -R zimbra:zimbra redolog
    5. change permissions ----> chmod 755 redolog
    6. start services ----> zmcontrol start

    Zimbra working again!

  3. punya saya setiap semingguan pasti minta restart zimbranya...munculnya sama kayak gitu...solusinya cuma restart...ada yg udah nemu caranya belum selain restart biar permanen gitu..

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